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How to adopt?
Adoption an alaskan malamute is a very rewarding but not overnight process. First and foremost the rescue volunteers spend hours trying to ensure that they are adopted into the right home and that everyone is comfortable, especially the Mal.

The adoption process
There are multiple phases to adoption, some of which can be done in any order, others that can be done at any time. These steps include but are not always limited to:
  • Browsing the WAMAL Website for a Mal you are interested in. Once you think you see someone your interested in, or even if nobody on the site looks right at the moment but you want to let us know your intent for when the right Mal does come available the next step would then be to send in your...
  • Submission of the Online Adoption Application
  • Home check - Homechecks are required for all adoptions. The number one priority of Malamute Rescue is to ensure that we place the right dogs with the right family and have the best chance of a success and them getting a new forever home. Fencing and the home are the top priorities, but we also use this as an opportunity to meet you and learn what it is your looking for so we can best assess who might work best together and know who most likely would be a fit for the Mals and you.
  • Introductions - This may be more interesting based on if there are multiple family members, especially other dogs or cats, and introductions of all non-human family members will always be required to be done on a neutral location where 'turf' won't get the introduction off on the wrong foot
  • Vet visit for spay/neuter and checkup and vacinations (if applicable) - Spay/Neuter is REQUIRED for all rescue dogs.
  • Adoption - Once everything is in order, the actual adoption process starts in ernest where your new family member comes home with you and starts the...
  • Two week trial period - It can take up to two weeks (sometimes less, sometimes more) for the mal to settle in to the new home and feel safe. Once this occurs you will start to see their real personality. There will not be a major shift from a peaceful and playful animal to Kujo, but you will notice a distint and real change onces the Mal learns they are 'home'. Quite often this may be the first real experience the rescue Mal will have with a loving home, regular meals, exercise, and attention. They love they will return for this will be immeasurable!
  • Checkpoint on if adoption is going to work - After two weeks (and most likely before) rescue will touch base with you and make sure everything is still going OK and that everybody is settling in. We will also endevour to assist along the way with any problems or adjustments that may be required. If all is well then the adoption is completed.
  • Happy Tails feedback - This is important but not required. After a month or more, when everyone is finally totally settled and life has adjusted we love to get feedback on how things are going, and pictures of them in their new forever home with their family. We post the pictures and info to their photo album for others to read and hear the success stories from rescue. Many people also support WAMAL and want to read the stories of rescue success. It also helps show others that rescue dogs can be and are quite often far more dedicated and loving to their new family than any pup ever could be because they know what life is like without love and care and return this love million fold! Please send feedback, pictures, and stories to Wamal - Happy Tails

Online Adoption Application
Click here to submit an Online Adoption Application

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Why Adopt a Malamute?
Before proceeding, you should be prepared for what you are getting yourself in to. Malamutes are not labs and collies. They would make the worst guard dog in history. They are not one person dogs. They are friendly and open, but do not live to serve. Malamutes are headstong, extremely intelligent, and can also become one of the worst destructive forces known to man if left to their own devices and allowed to become boored. All that said, many of us who know and love the breed can not imagine life without them. Our Mals are our life, they share in our happiest moments and are there for us in our deepest slumps.

Why a rescue Malamute
Otherwise known as second hand dogs give first class love. Rescue dogs have sometimes been through their fair share of hard moments in life. Often dumped or lost and their owners don't check for them or retreive them from shelters. Many of our rescue dogs have been pulled from shelters the day they were scheduled to be euthanized. Sometimes mistreated, many times neglected. Many people feel that a "wreck" like that would be incapable of love and could never fit into a home environment given their past. Almost always just the opposite is true. These dogs want nothing more in life than to give and receive love. They love their owners with all their heart and because they know what it's like to be neglected appreciate love given to them all the more.

A link to a fairly standard rescue Malamute Story: A dog is not a status symbol, toy or whim...a dog is forever ... no dog should ever go unloved, unfortunately it's only a wish...the sad reality is too many Malamutes are bought for the wrong reasons, by unprepared owners. Think long and hard before you bring that puppy (of any breed) home. They have feelings too - sadly, sometimes more than their owners.

Previously Rescued / Adopted Malamutes
See all the Alaskan Malamutes that have passed through WAMAL during:
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Happy Tails!
Click here to read all the stories we have of "Happy Tails" endings of adoptions of Alaskan Malamutes that have passed through WAMAL

Adoption almost always ends with great stories of rescue malamutes settling into their new families. They quickly endear themselves to their new families and grow more attached than many adopters ever dreamed possible. What once was an empty feeling home is replaced by "Woo Woooh Wooos", an ever watchful eye for the choice dropped morsels from the kitchen counter, and the inability to ever walk in a straight line again without being herded or coerced in the direction your Mal wants to go - especially when rushing to answer the phone. Your refrigerator shall never go unguarded or unprobed, no draft under a door will not be found, and lives will be touched in the most unpredictable and dear ways, never the same again.

Read all about the experiences, stories, laughs, and adventure that is owning a malamute here!

If you've adopted a Mal from us, and haven't told us about your success story, please, Send it in and let us know everything! :)

WAMAL is a non-affiliated non-profit 501c3 organization and works in co-operation with
and within the guidelines of the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL).