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Sponsor / Foster
Sponsorship and Fostering are two of the most important things to rescue. Without people willing to sponsor or foster our rescue mals most mals would never be rescued at all.

Help Raise Awareness
If you are unable to sponsor or foster yourself however, you can also still help by getting the word out! We have flyers that can be printed and posted (with the permission of whatever establishement where they are posted please) to help notify people about the website and help raise awareness for the need of foster homes for rescue dogs. Click here to download our PDF flyer

How To Sponsor A Rescue Mal
Maybe you can't adopt right now or provide a foster home either. You can still help and you can still get to spend time with these wonderful creatures. This is important. As many of you know, Washington State is swamped with rescue and has few foster homes. Being able to foster or adopt is beyond many people's capabilities. Please continue reading. Don't shut this off because it is about rescue and you are not in a position to do anything. Here is a way for you to do something.

We pay to board the dogs we have no foster home for. We are looking for sponsors for each dog until it is adopted or in a permanent foster home. That could mean giving help with the boarding bill or could mean taking on a particular dog to visit however often you can to work with them, walk them and brush them and just give them a little bit of attention they crave and deserve. Visiting with them more than once a week would be better but honestly even if you can just donate a small amount of time per month that will help! Keeping these Mals socalized and given time with people can literaly make the difference between us being able to save one or not!

You will receive pictures and updates of your sponsored dog and can feel great satisfaction that you helped this dog survive until they can be adopted. We are out of room and out of money and will soon be in the position to have to turn deserving dogs away. If you are in a position to "sponsor" a dog, either through visits or financially (even partial financial help will be welcome) please let us know, or if you have friends or neighbors who would be good at this or want to join with you.....Please check our listings above and let our fundraising team know which dog you would like to sponsor or how you would like to donate or sponsor one of our fundraising drives or rescue Malamutes!

Click HERE to go to our Donation page!

How To Become A Foster Home
One of the things Rescue work needs most is foster homes. Without foster homes we are forced to put the Mal up in a commercial kennel where they don't get as much attention. We work with some kennels which give us a good price, but it is still very expensive. The Mals don't get anywhere near the attention, love, grooming, companionship, training or exercise they need. Some Mals develop behavior problems if they stay in a kennel too long which makes it more difficult to find them a forever home. Sponsoring helps, but foster homes are really what we need most! If you can help, you might be able to make all the difference in the world by opening up your heart and your home to Mals that want to do nothing more in life than become somebody's best pal. If so, please:
Click here for the foster home application
or print and send in our
Volunteer/Foster form

WAMAL is a non-affiliated non-profit 501c3 organization and works in co-operation with
and within the guidelines of the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL).