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Volunteer Information
Apart from donations we operate this rescue group with the help of volunteers that donate their time and homes to rescue. Work includes visiting homes of adoption applicants, evaluating rescue candidates, visiting mals at kennels, transporting mals, fostering, and all sorts of other tasks that are otherwise easy to do but can mean so very very much to these dear souls and make their rescue possible. Without the help from volunteers, most of these mals would otherwise meet with a far worse fate.

Do you or someone you know have the time or resources to give to or volunteer with the Washington State Alaskan Malamute Rescue? Are you interested in fostering or adopting or sponsoring a rescue Malamute?

If so, please contact WAMAL at Wamal

How To Get Involved
Our Volunteer/Foster Agreement can be printed out and mailed in. You can also join the WAMAL volunteer email list by browsing to:
and signing up for Yahoo! Groups where all WAMAL Volunteer work is coordinated and discussed. Volume is low (a few messages a day tops) and it's a subscriber only list so you will never receive SPAM from it.

Help With Transportation
If you can assist, we often need dogs transported from one part of the state to another, or sometimes just to pull them from a shelter and deliver them to another volunteer to take them on the next leg of their journey in rescue. We can proved crates so even this is not a requirement.

Spend Time With Rescue Dogs
While many of our dogs are fostered, when we are out of foster homes our only recourse is boarding the dogs in a kennel. This, aside from being quite expensive also means these animals do not get the regular one on one attention they require. Whenever we board a Mal we must also visit them as often as we can to take them on walks, brush them, and work on training to prepare them for adoption. We don't want these dogs to feel as if they've been abandoned. Visiting once a week or more can take as few as 30-40 minutes, and can significantly decrease the time it takes for a dog to get adopted.

Vet Visits
Once a Mal is taken into rescue, before they can be boarded, or before they are adopted all Mals must have a vet visit to be brought up to date on vacinations, checked out to ensure they are healthy, spay/neuter, or whatever. This is sometimes one of the most difficult things to coordinate with a volunteer force given how busy everyones lives are but it is still an absolutly essential part of rescue. Sometimes we relay Mals for transportation, others they have to be picked up and brought back, but if you can assist here please let use know at Wamal.

WAMAL has a set of Guidelines for foster parents and volunteers on what expenses WAMAL will pay for, how to get authorizations for exenses,how to deal with life threatening issues, preferred vets, who and when to contact to arrange vet appointments / care, where to send receipts / copies of vet records, et cetera. Click here to read the WAMAL Volunteer Vet Care Guidelines.

Volunteering FAQ
The Volunteering FAQ RTF document answers most of the Frequently Asked Questions and provides guidance on what volunteers are expected to encounter and guidelines to follow while volunteering for WAMAL.

The Joys Of Rescue
Sometimes it's better to laugh than cry about the calls received while working in rescue, so here it is:
The Joys Of Rescue

WAMAL is a non-affiliated non-profit 501c3 organization and works in co-operation with
and within the guidelines of the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League (AMAL).